Sea Fishing in Somerset

The Bristol Channel is the home of uptiding in the fast flowing and shallow waters, great sport using the lighter gear. Still producing results is the normal down tide rods and with the introduction of the fine braded line reducing the amount of lead needed to keep the bait on the sea bed. Summer fish are mainly the Thorne Back ray from 4 to 20lb, Bass to double figures, Conger up to 30lb and more,then the good old dog Fish, Winter fish is Cod and Codling the larger of these can be in well excess of 20lb. Thorn back ray now seem to be in the Channel nearly 12 months a year now.

For those who would like to go afloat and not fish, I am looking into the possibility of doing Channel cruises but due to the ever increasing fuel costs I would need a full boat of 10 and charge £20 per person.

Cruse 1 :- Is the 4 bridges, up the Severn Estuary to see both the old and new Severn crossing bridges, then up the Avon River under the M5 Avonmouth Bridge, and on up the picturesque Avon Gorge to Brunel` famous Clifton Suspension Bridge and then back to Portishead.

Cruise 2 :-Is along the North Somerset coast pass Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare then out around Steep Holm and Flat Holm islands and back to Portishead. Weather and Tides permitting.